“David is a superb ambassador for Lexus Belfast.  He loves the brand and products and can connect and communicate with people in a way like no one else.”

Charles Hurst Lexus


“A standing ovation that seemed to last forever. I have never seen so many open mouths. Over three months later the staff are still talking about David.”

Apple Inc.


“The energy in the room is beyond anything I have ever experienced at a conference.”



“I’d heard about David from colleagues but didn’t really believe the hype until I experienced it – fascinating and utterly priceless.”



“The best thing to come out of Ireland in a very long time.”

Sunday Times, London


“The most incredible talent, you’ve got to see David live to believe it.”

Daily Mirror


“Without exception Davids performances have all been jaw-dropping and exciting, delivered with great command and interaction with the audience mixed with humour and well informed wit. We all love working with David as we know that we can relax in the knowledge that his performance will always be spot on. He really is a one-off!”


“David was the most successful choice of entertainer we ever made! Pitched just right for an audience of senior management and business leaders. I could not commend David Meade more highly!”

Chief Executive Club