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Meade Joins Forces with LEO

by David on Monday, June 6th, 2016. Speaker

David speaks at Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme

LEO2 IMG_7036

Lisburn Enterprise Organisation is an independent, not for profit business advisory and training organisation dedicating to supporting businesses start, survive and grow. David has been delighted work with LEO at their recent Graduate Entrepreneurship Programmes where he has delivered his inspiring business masterclass.

Aisling Owens Lisburn Enterprise Organisation commented “Dynamic, engaging and memorable are just some of the comments we received back from aspiring graduate entrepreneurs after David spoke at a recent event. We were on the edge of our seats as he demonstrated real life examples of how, with a bit of practice, we too could influence and manipulate positive outcomes and achieve business success. His practical approach delivered with his unique Northern Ireland wit ensured that each one of us was inspired to believe that we have the power within us to succeed. Let’s just hope our competitors don’t get the same opportunity to learn from this master craftsman!”

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