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Can you believe him? David Meade returns for new BBC NI series.

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Make Believe - BBC One
Oct–Nov 2012

New six part series, every Wednesday at 10.35pm on BBC One NI.

Can you believe him? David's back with a brand new series and a new way of making you believe he can do the impossible. Mentalist David Meade, the man with the mind-boggling power to tell you what you're thinking returns to BBC One Northern Ireland this Halloween and this time he pits his powers against the toughest test yet.

And this time, it's not only the studio audience and members of the public who are left bamboozled by David's talents. Even TV personalities aren't safe as David calls in on a host of stars including Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty, soap star Jennie McAlpine (Fizz in Coronation Street) and cricketing legend and Strictly star Darren Gough.

Make Believe on the BBC

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After a mind-blowing sell out 2016 Tour, we are busy making arrangements for an even bigger and better BRAND NEW SHOW for 2017. I’ll be coming to all the same venues in January/February/March 2017s, along with debuting at some brand new venues too.
Thanks everyone for the amazing support this year, please stay tuned for more information which will be revealed very soon

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A truly international act that has been designed to delight wherever it’s delivered, David’s clients fly him all over the world to join their guests and make their events unforgettable.

To see why Harvard, Apple, Spar International, The Cabinet Office, NHS, The Head of the Civil Service and a host of other clients have booked David to appear at their events, visit the corporate blog.

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"The best thing to come out of Ireland in a very long time."

Sunday Times, London

"The most incredible talent, you’ve got to see David live to believe it."

Daily Mirror

"David was the most successful choice of entertainer we ever made! Pitched just right for an audience of senior management and business leaders. I could not commend David Meade more highly!"

Chief Executive Club
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Hi! David Meade here. You might have heard news of a theorist who is predicting the world will  end in 2017. By coincidence, this chaps name is David Meade, and as you might imagine it's lead to a lot of confusion.  In fact, my team have been receiving hundreds of enquiries from all over the world asking if we should all sell up and party till the end like it's 1999. Even newspapers all over the world have linked to my site, used my picture, and linked me incorrectly to this story. 

For clarity, I have no connection to the story other than sharing a name with the other David Meade. I'm so certain of this, that I'm pleased to offer a 1000% refund value on tickets sold for my brand new tour in the event of an apocalypse. Please retain original receipt for redemption. 

Best wishes, David Meade.